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Mini Fridge for Skincare Products

Mini fridge designed specifically for storing skincare products have become an extremely popular accessory used to extend the shelf-life of these products for the skin.

Not only are these beauty fridges cute, they also help with organization as well as keeping skincare products effective for as long as possible so for this review, we’ll look at some of the unique features found in beauty mini fridges that makes them so popular and highly rated for storing skincare products!

Skincare Mini Fridge Group
Skincare beauty fridge by Cooseon (left), FaceTory (center), AstroAI (right).

What do you put in a beauty fridge?

Heat and direct sunlight can cause some active skincare ingredients, such as Vitamin-C and Retinol, to oxidize and become less effective over time.

To minimize exposure to these elements, using mini beauty fridges have become an excellent option for storing skincare products.

Nicefeel Northern Crown Cosmetics Vitamin C Serum Drop Closeup on Dropper After 30 Days
Exposure to sunlight caused oxidation and dark brown bubbles to form in this Vitamin-C serum!

So, what surprising features can we expect from these mini beauty fridge for skincare products and which skincare products can you put in a beauty fridge?

Let’s find out!

1. FaceTory Beauty Fridge

Facetory Skincare Mini Fridge
FaceTory Beauty Fridge in mint.

FaceTory Beauty Fridge is the most spacious of the three beauty fridge, featuring a roomy 10L storage capacity.

To help maximize the storage space for any collection of skincare products, a simple but incredibly thoughtful feature is the dual removable shelves.

Facetory Skincare Mini Fridge StorageFacetory Skincare Mini Fridge with skincare products
Double removable shelves makes organizing skincare product easy!

Storing skincare products can sometime be a bit tricky because of all the different shapes and sizes of the bottles, but these 2 removable shelves makes customizing the storage space to fit any needs extremely simple.

Also, the small shelf attached to the door provides even more storage space for facial sheet masks and other skincare accessories!

It’s clear that FaceTory Beauty Fridge was designed specifically for skincare products, and with colors available in coral and mint, this beauty fridge is not only cute, but quite useful as well!


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2. Cooseon Beauty Fridge

Cooseon Skincare Mini Fridge
Cooseon Beauty Fridge in white.

With a generous 6L storage capacity, Cooseon Beauty Fridge is the second most spacious mini fridge in this review, featuring a single removable shelf that maximizes storage space and can hold a surprisingly large amount of skincare products.

However, the first thing we noticed was the absolutely gorgeous mirrored surface that doubles as a vanity mirror.

Cooseon Skincare Mini Fridge Storage

Taking a look inside Cooseon Beauty Fridge, we find that the removable shelf is directly in the center and there’s also an additional shelf on the door, which is the perfect spot for keeping a few sheet masks cool and refreshing!

Cooseon Skincare Mini Fridge Face Sheet Storage

But perhaps, the most striking feature about Cooseon Beauty Fridge is the white LED lighting that traces the outer edge of the vanity mirror.

With a touch of a button, these LED lights begins to glow softly, instantly giving a modern look and feel to any room.

Cooseon Skincare Mini Fridge LED
Cooseon Beauty Fridge lighting on lowest of 3 brightness setting.

Cooseon Beauty Fridge is available in white and makes great addition for anyone looking to give a nice pop to their skincare collection!


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3. AstroAI Mini Fridge

AstroAI Mini Fridge to keep skincare products cold
AstroAI Mini Fridge in pink.

AstroAI Mini Fridge is an incredibly popular beauty mini fridge thanks to its compact and eye-catching minimalistic design.

This mini fridge features a single removable self that helps make the most out of the 4L storage space but unlike the other beauty fridge covered in this review, AstroAI Mini Fridge does not have an additional shelf on the door.

AstroAI MiniFridge Storage

Taking a look inside, we can clearly see that there’s plenty of room to store skincare products of various shapes and if there’s only a few skincare products that benefits from refrigeration, this might be the perfect beauty mini fridge.

AstroAI Mini Fridge elevates any aesthetics without taking up too much space and because it’s available in a wide variety of colors (black, pink, blue, teal and white), it’s easy to why this beauty fridge is one of the highest rated online!


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    Which mini fridge for skincare products is the best?

    Each beauty fridge featured in this review has their own unique features for storing skincare products, however, the “best” really depends entirely on your needs!

    After all, creating and customizing your own skincare routine is the best part and the same applies when selecting a mini beauty fridge but keep in mind that not all skincare products are suitable for refrigeration, particularly loose powders such as Dermalogica Daily Microfoliant and Dermalogica Daily Superfoliant.

    Height difference of various skincare mini fridge
    Size difference is quite obvious when comparing these three skincare mini-fridge.

    Condensation can cause the powder to clump together and in some cases, the moisture can activate certain skincare ingredients.

    Also, we noticed water pooling at the base of the mini fridge on humid days which is something to keep an eye on when using a beauty fridge for skincare products!


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