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Does Mighty Patch The Original Get Rid Of Acne and Whiteheads? In-depth Review!

There’s never a good time for pimples, acne and whiteheads, so we review Mighty Patch The Original to see how this acne patch can help get rid of acne!

Does Mighty Patch The Original clear acne fast or even overnight?

Well for this acne skincare product review, we take a closer look at how effective Mighty Patch The Original is in reducing pimples and whiteheads.

So if you’ve been picking and popping your acne, keep reading as this acne patch might help prevent future acne scars!

Mighty Patch The Original Package Front

How does The Original Mighty Patch help get rid of acne?

Mighty Patch The Original is made from a special material called hydrocolloid, which helps draw the impurities from the skin and the patch keeps bacteria out.

This amazing combination not only helps clear acne faster, but promotes quicker healing to minimize scar formation on the skin!

Mighty Patch The Original Hydrocolloid Acne Patches
Mighty Patch hydrocolloid patches sealed in sterile packaging.

What makes this skincare product even more incredible is just how easy it is to use.

Just stick the patch over a pimple and wait!

Because the hydrocolloid patch covers the pimple, it protects the acne from picking, popping and scratching, ultimately preventing acne scars from forming.

Pimple with Mighty Patch The Original applied
Mighty Patch The Original covering a whitehead pimple.

For this review, we use a very simple skincare routine to see how effective The Original Mighty Patch really is:

  • PM Skincare Routine
  • AM Skincare Routine
    • Remove The Original Mighty Patch after 8 hours.
    • If acne is still visible, continue with the following:

As you can tell, this is a very basic skincare routine.

But it should be more than enough to show how this hydrocolloid acne patch works to get rid of acne and more importantly, how fast it can clear acne and whiteheads!


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Does Mighty Patch The Original actually work to clear acne and pimples?

To see how The Original Mighty Patch helps treat acne, we use this hydrocolloid patch on a developing acne.

Will this patch be able to clear whiteheads overnight?

Pimple on chin before using The Original Mighty PatchWhitehead pimple on chin after using The Original Mighty Patch
Whitehead pimple after 10 hours covered with The Original Mighty Patch.

It seems that instead of clearing the whitehead, Mighty Patch The Original actually helped the acne develop even more by extracting the pus inside to the surface.

Perhaps another hydrocolloid acne patch will be enough to completely clear this whitehead.

White head pimple after using second Mighty Patch The Original
Acne after using 2nd Mighty Patch The Original.

The second acne patch helped the whitehead shrink and it looks much better than the day before.

However, the pimple isn’t completely gone as there’s still a bit of pus left in the acne so we continue and use a third Mighty Patch The Original.

Whitehead pimple after using 3 Mighty Patch The Original
Acne whitehead after using Mighty Patch The Original #3.

Once again, Mighty Patch The Original helped the acne develop by bringing the impurities closer to the surface and the patch even had some pus visibly stuck onto it:

Acne extraction after 3rd Mighty Patch The Original
Acne extracted by Mighty Patch The Original after 3rd use.

Since the whitehead is still on the skin, we use our fourth and final Mighty Patch The Original, which seemed to completely clear up the pus by the following day:

Pimple on chin before using The Original Mighty PatchWhitehead acne after using 4 Mighty Patch The Original
Comparison of pimple before and after using 4th Mighty Patch The Original.

Although it took a while for the acne to disappear, it’s interesting to see that Mighty Patch The Original helps acne by slowly drawing the impurities to the surface and extracting it.

We’re sure that if the starting acne was more developed, this acne hydrocolloid patch could possibly get rid of the acne overnight!

Also, please note for underdeveloped or cystic acne, we recommend using Mighty Patch Micropoint to help bring the acne to a head before using Mighty Patch The Original to clear the skin.


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Mighty Patch The Original Skincare Product Review

Want to start using Mighty Patch The Original to help clear your own acne and whiteheads?

Well, here’s a few things we noticed during this review that might help you decide if this skincare product is right for you:

How long does it take for acne to clear when using Mighty Patch The Original?

This completely depends on the acne.

In our review, it took 4 Mighty Patch The Original to clear the whitehead but we believe that it could be done using only one if the starting pimple was more developed.

Does the Mighty Patch The Original have an expiration date?

These acne patch has a long shelf life but doesn’t last forever!

You can find the expiration date printed on the side of the box.

How long do you leave the acne patch on for?

This patch needs at least 6 hours to start working but shouldn’t be left on for more than 10!

Does Mighty Patch The Original clear blackheads?

No, this patch is for acne, pimples and whiteheads.

For blackheads, we suggest using cleaning oils like DHC Deep Cleaning Oil or Mad Hippie Cleansing Oil.

Mighty Patch The Original Front Label Closeup


  • This post is not sponsored and the featured skincare product was purchased using our own funds!
  • Skincare Weeklies is an Amazon Associate and earn commissions from qualifying purchases when you use the Amazon links.
  • Remember, this was our results and yours may be different as skincare products affect every skin differently.
  • If you have any questions regarding your skin, ask your dermatologist as the isn’t medical advice.


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