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Mighty Patch Micropoint for Blemishes and Cystic Acne Review

Mighty Patch Micropoint might look similar to a hydrocolloid patch, but for this review, we take a closer look to see what makes this acne patch different and effective for a very specific type of acne.

What does Mighty Patch Micropoint do and does this acne patch really work?

Let’s find out!

Mighty Patch Micropoint Package

What skincare ingredients are used in Mighty Patch Micropoint?

Hydrocolloid patches are incredibly popular for spot-treating acne and whiteheads because it draws out impurities without popping, thereby preventing infections and scars!

However, these pimple patches aren’t effective for every type of acne.

Mighty Patch Micropoint Technology

To help treat early-stage acne or cystic acne that hasn’t fully developed and stays red without coming to a head, Mighty Patch Micropoint combines the hydrocolloid patch with potent skincare ingredients such as:

In addition, Mighty Patch Micropoint delivers these skincare ingredients directly using their patented micropoint technology.

Mighty Patch Micropoint Needle Closeup
Mighty Patch Micropoint patented micropoint needle technology.

There really is a lot packed into Mighty Patch Micropoint and it’s clear that a lot of attention has gone into formulating this skincare product.

Will using this acne patch show significant before and after results to stubborn cystic acnes?


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Cystic acne before and after using Mighty Patch Micropoint

For this skincare product review, we use the following skincare routine to see just how effective Mighty Patch Micropoint can really be for improving cystic acnes:

Mighty Patch Micropoint Instructions
Sealed packaging keeps the Mighty Patch Micropoint shelf life longer.

As you might have already noticed, this pimple patch is incredibly easy to use!

But is it really effective and if so, how fast does it take to start working?

Notice that before starting this review, the skin surrounding the center of the acne is inflamed and red from the cystic acne forming beneath the skin, but after using a Mighty Patch Micropoint overnight, we saw the following before and after results:

Cystic acne before using Mighty Patch MicropointCystic acne after using Mighty Patch Micropoint
Early-stage cystic acne after using Mighty Patch Micropoint overnight.

Thanks to Mighty Patch Micropoint’s extra wide 18mm diameter (vs 12mm Mighty Patch The Original), this patch completely covered the cystic acne, ensuring direct contact with the effective skincare ingredients.

And it’s surprisingly effective!

Using just a single Mighty Patch Micropoint, the cystic acne has come to a head and is now ready for hydrocolloid patches to extract the remaining pus from the pimple.

Click here to see how Mighty Patch The Original, a hydrocolloid patch, actually clears a whitehead!


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Mighty Patch Micropoint product review

Do you want to use Mighty Patch Micropoint in your own skincare routine?

Well, here’s some things we noticed that might help you decide if this acne patch is right for you:

Is using Mighty Patch Micropoint painful?

No, there is absolutely no pain.

Before starting this review, we were nervous that the micropoints would hurt but actually, the points are soft and does not pierce the skin like a needle would.

The fine tips just ensures proper delivery of the active skincare ingredients.

How long is Mighty Patch Micropoint good for?

Because this acne patch uses active skincare ingredients to help with cystic acne, there is an expiration date printed on the side of the packaging.

Use Mighty Patch Micropoint before the date to get the maximum effectiveness!

Does Mighty Patch Micropoint really work overnight?

For our review, we saw clear results overnight.

However, every skin reacts differently to skincare products so if the cystic acne doesn’t come to a head after the first patch, follow the instructions and allow 1-2 days before using another Mighty Patch Micropoint.

For best results, it’s important that the patch has good contact with the cystic acne so try to avoid getting air bubbles trapped between the patch and the skin when applying Mighty Patch Micropoint.

What should I use after Mighty Patch Micropoint?

After removing the pimple patch, wash the area thoroughly and apply sunscreen!

Remember, BHA’s can sensitize the skin to the sun’s UV rays so try to avoid direct sunlight as well.

Mighty Patch Micropoint Label Closeup

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